Dalkeith town centre £185k study

Dalkeith town centre
Dalkeith town centre

Major plans to regenerate Dalkeith town centre took a step forward last week when Midlothian Council agreed to spend £180,500 on a feasibility study.

At the full council meeting, councillors approved funding to investigate options including building a new council headquarters, library and arts venue and contact centre.

Council leader, Councillor Owen Thompson (SNP) said: “Plans are at very early stages - this could be something we won’t see finished until well into 2023 or beyond. However, by committing the funding now, we can at least get valuable insight into what is and is not feasible in terms of making sure the town centre has the best possible future.”

However, speaking at last week’s meeting Labour councillors were against the plans to spend money on the study while the council continues to make cuts.

Councillor Margo Russell said: “We have had many savage cuts in grants to voluntary groups so it isn’t right that we carry out this study.

“I would like to see that once the (council) finances are stable we could then hold a seminar on the issue.”

Councillor Russell’s amendment was beaten by nine votes to eight.

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