DAME gets to art of the matter in Midlothian

One of Newton's oil paintings.
One of Newton's oil paintings.

Gearing up for its 2013 Spring open Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Dalkeith Arts Music & Events (DAME) is calling on local artists to submit their work for display.

Once again the Advertiser is proud to be the media partner for this fantastic celebration of local talent.

The event will be the main focus of DAME’s two-week arts and craft fair (April 20 to May 4) at Dalkeith Arts Centre.

Artists are being encouraged to consider submitting up to five original works from a range of media including paintings, drawings, screen prints, sculpture and photographs.

Organiser Allison Lock explained: “From these, as many as possible will be selected for the show. While the event is largely aimed at amateur artists who paint for leisure, works from semi-professional artists are welcome and all are encouraged to register their intention to present art for the exhibition.” Newtongrange painter Newton Ross (44), is one of many artists whose work will be showcased.

Largely self-taught, he has been painting for around nine years.

He told the Advertiser: “I often hear people say they wish that they were ‘artistic’, however, I don’t think it is a special gift – it’s more about desire.

“I believe that with time and effort, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, so my advice to budding artists is to practise, practise, practise!”

Working from sketches and photographs, Newton applies oil paint with brushes, knives, and even his fingers, as he builds up layers to achieve his desired effect.

He describes some of his more successful moments as having been “just happy accidents”.

He takes much of his inspiration from the Scottish Highlands and islands: “I love the vast open landscape with huge skies, mountains,sea. Changing weather offers endless possibilities, but inspiration can also come from closer to home, where even the weave of a rug can offer exciting colour combinations.

“I always carry a sketch book and try to make a point of drawing every day. I enjoy nothing more than visiting galleries and drawing inspiration from the masters.

“With hundreds of years of art history for reference, I find sketching great works an inspiration and way of helping resolve problems I experience in my own work.”

The Spring exhibition is open to all adults who have an association with Dalkeith or its surrounding district.

The hand-in night for work to be exhibited will be on Thursday, April 18, from 5-7pm.

Works must be accompanied by submission forms, which are available to download here