Damhead farmer faces being turfed out

A family faces being forced off land it has farmed for a century to make way for a £135 million film studio near Loanhead.

Jim Telfer’s grandfather first began working his family’s 60-acre farm at Damhead in 1915.

Now his family claim the descendants of the same landowners who signed the original lease are pressuring Mr Telfer to abandon the farm so that the site can be sold to developers hoping to bring Hollywood A-listers to Midlothian.

Mr Telfer, who is 80 years old, still grazes sheep on the land with the help of his wife Mary. His daughters Mary and Elsie say their parents have been “quite distraught” to read reports that the land is vacant when they still use it for farming.

In a statement issued by Mr Gibsone’s lawyers, the landowner said, on behalf of the Pentland Estate Trustees: “As this is an ongoing matter, subject to planning regulation and the legal process, it would be inappropriate to comment.”

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