Dancing couple prove diamonds are forever

Andrew and Betty Sharp of Easthouses.
Andrew and Betty Sharp of Easthouses.

Easthouses couple Andrew and Betty Sharp, who met in a Bonnyrigg dance hall in 1956, recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Gorebridge-born Andrew (81), a piper, master of ceremonies and tour guide at Dalhousie Castle for the past 33 years, and Betty (80), originally from Bonnyrigg, were married 60 years ago on June 21, 1957.

The wedding day of Andrew and Betty Sharp of Easthouses back in 1957.

The wedding day of Andrew and Betty Sharp of Easthouses back in 1957.

Looking back on how they got together, Betty said: “We met at the Regal in Bonnyrigg in 1956. He just came and asked if I wanted to dance. We got together after a month of back and forward, and have been happy ever since.

“We got married in the United Free Church in Gorebridge. We had lots of family there, it was a lovely day, not a big affair really, the reception was in Andrew’s mum’s house in Gorebridge.”

Andrew nearly forgot the big anniversary as he was set to head to Germany with his beloved Borthwick Pipe Band.

Betty said: “We just had a quiet meal because Andrew was going away with the pipe band early in the morning.

“We will get a coach trip when he comes back, not sure where to yet, either up north or down to Wales. We’ve not made out minds up yet.

“Andrew actually forgot the anniversary date! I said ‘when is the Germany trip?’ He looked at me and I think it clicked,

“He was going on the 22nd so I said ‘what’s on the 21st?’.”

Betty revealed the secrets to a happy marriage and why she still loves her husband.

She said: “Just being happy, sharing secrets, sharing roles, taking each day as it comes and being good to each other. If you have a row you need to make up before you go to bed.

“That’s the problem nowadays, they young ones hide things from each other.

“Andrew brings a lot of joy to the family with his escapades in the pipe band and the castle, I could write a book.

“I wouldn’t change him, he has always been the same, never changed. Big mad Andrew is a lovely man, always has been.”

After getting married the couple lived in Mayfield for ten years before moving to Easthouses, where they have been ever since. They have three sons - Alasdair (52), Brian (56) and Daniel (60). The couple also have six grandchildren.

Betty worked at the Springfield Papermill, Crawford’s Biscuit Works and the Royal Infirmary as a ward domestic.

Andrew was an engineer, turner and fitter for the National Coal Board at Lady Victoria Colliery, before becoming one of the first traffic wardens in Edinburgh, a job he did for 33 years.