Delays hit Gorebridge hub project

Gorebridge Community Hub, under construction May 2015
Gorebridge Community Hub, under construction May 2015

Delays to work on the new community hub in Gorebridge are costing thousands of pounds a month, according to the group behind the project.

The £2.2 million building next to the leisure centre was expected to be completed by now, with an opening date now set for the new year.

But the group steering the project, Gorebridge Community Development Trust, has hit out at the construction firm building the multi-purpose hub, T & A Kernoghan Group, for costing them £16,500 a month.

Gail Halvorsen of the Trust, revealed her group’s frustrations at last week’s Gorebidge Community Council meeting.

She said: “They (T & A Kernoghan) have been absolutely atrocious, but unfortunately we have no clauses in the contract so we haven’t got a foot to stand on. We have had lawyers, everyone at the council look at this, but we are stuffed.

“It’s costing us £16,500 a month due to delays. But from next month we will deduct our losses from our invoices and we hope that will speed it up.

“The most senior person we could get a hold of (from T & A Kernoghan) was at our last meeting and he was very adamant that it wasn’t their fault.

“It seems like we are their bottom priority as they have projects all over Scotland.

“We still want to have a good relationship with them, we are worried they are going to finish it badly and we don’t want that.

“I think they will muddle through and finish it, and I think it will be alright, but it will be a muddle through.”

Despite being contacted by the Advertiser T & A Kernoghan were unable to comment on the delays.

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