Delicious serving of drama and humour

Chef starring Jon Favreau. Photo: PA Photo/Lionsgate
Chef starring Jon Favreau. Photo: PA Photo/Lionsgate

If food be the music of love then Chef composes a mouth-watering symphony of Cuban flavours to delight the palate of World Cup-weary audiences.

A heart-warming drama garnished with gentle humour, written and directed by Jon Favreau, this uplifting confection works to a tried and tested recipe of triumph against adversity.

And it taps into the rising popularity of food trucks as a lunchtime hang-out for famished American office workers. Carl Casper (Favreau), is the star attraction at a Los Angeles restaurant owned by Riva (Dustin Hoffman).

A poor review by prestigious food critic Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt) ignites a bitter war of words on Twitter, and Carl publicly quits his job.

Ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara) invites Carl to accompany her and their young son Percy (Emjay Anthony) to Miami to reconnect with his roots.

In familiar surroundings, Carl entertains Inez’s canny suggestion of a food truck and the chef transforms a worn-out vehicle into a mobile eaterie par excellence with help from Percy and Martin.

Heartfelt scenes of confession and reconciliation ensure tears flow as freely as the overpriced vino from Riva’s cellar.