Delving into village past

Members of the Rosewell History Group working on a 'History of our Streets' project.
Members of the Rosewell History Group working on a 'History of our Streets' project.

Over the past six months volunteers involved in the Rosewell History Group have been working on a ‘History of our Streets’ project.

This project evolved from all the social history the group were researching, reminiscing and recording and the idea came from one of the members, Frances Thompson.

The group have worked on capturing key buildings, streets and family lives over the years to present it on a window, courtesy of the local corner shop. The widow depicts information on the history of St Joseph’s and the Whitehill Estate, school life in the village, social life for young and old and the old railway which was known as the ‘Hawthornden-Rosewell Station’.

In the coming weeks, there will be a walking route developed with details of key buildings and the route people can take. The group hope that this will encourage people of all ages to take a couple of hours out, enjoy a walk and learn about their local history. This walking guide will be available, for free, from the corner shop. All the group ask is that it is returned for the next walker to use.

The project and the community history window will continually evolve and next on the group’s list are Rosewell Parish Church, St Matthew’s RC Church and the history of the Whitehill Pit.

In 2014, the History Group launched a Mini Mining Museum in the Rosewell Resource Centre which summarised the mining history of the local community and used interactive games and activities to get people involved, young and old.

The group meet every month for a couple of hours in the Rosewell Resource Centre. If you are interested in getting involved as a History Group volunteer please contact Fiona on 0131 629 9398 or email