Demonstration organised against Newbattle closures at Midlothian House

Proposed site of the new Newbattle Community High School.
Proposed site of the new Newbattle Community High School.

Midlothian Campaign Against the Cuts has announced plans for a demonstration to be held on Tuesday, June 25 at 12.30pm.

The demonstration will take place outside Midlothian House while the elected Councillors meet to discuss plans to close eight buildings in the Gorebridge, Newtongrange and Mayfield area.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We would urge everyone who opposes the proposed cuts to come along and show their support for our local services.

“Some members of Midlothian Council have stated that they will not vote to close any of the buildings under threat but we believe that it is important to have a big, visible presence on the day of the vote to ensure that those Councillors keep their word.

“It is our hope that the demonstration will become a celebration and that these vital public buildings and the services that they are home to will remain where they belong - in the heart of our community.”