Disability directory launched for county

Members of Forward Mid launch their new directory
Members of Forward Mid launch their new directory
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Forward Mid, Midlothian’s equality forum, along with a network of disabled citizens has launched the Disabled Directory 2016.

This is a comprehensive directory of services for disabled people living in Midlothian.

Guests included representatives from Forward Mid, local groups and individuals, Alison White, head of community care at Midlothian Council, and council leader Catherine Johnstone (SNP).

Mid and the Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living chairman Jeff Adamson said: “Access to accurate local information is key to disabled people being informed and allows them to make active choices that enable them to live better lives.

“I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be when you desperately need help or support and don’t know who can provide it. It’s something that most of, if not all, disabled people I’ve spoken to have experienced – it’s almost seen as a rite of passage. But it shouldn’t be – information is a fundamental need for disabled people.

“Our aim with this directory is to give physically disabled people, their families, their carers and people with long-term conditions practical, relevant, up to date and hopefully liberating information – information that can give people the knowledge and therefore the power they need to take control of how they want to live their lives.”

Forward Mid is a forum of active disabled citizens with links to health and social work planning. It strives to enable disabled citizens to have the same freedom, opportunities, choice and control at home, at work and in the community.

More information can be found at www.forwardmid.org.uk