Disabled sports

A MIDLOTHIAN disabled sports coach who carried the Olympic torch has told the Advertiser of her hopes for disabled sports following the Paralympics.

Lynne Sturgeon works closely with Midlothian Council Sport and Leisure to develop disabled sports in the area, working with Special Olympics and Paralympics.

Swimmer Sean Fraser was Midlothian’s representative at the London Paralympics.

Lynne revealed that the torch inspired so many local youngsters and gave her legacy aspirations from the hugely successful Paralympic games in London.

She said: “So many people have wanted their picture taken with the torch and so many have spoken about the Paralympics, especially the swimming and the wheelchair rugby.

“I think having someone known to them carrying the torch, with the games being in this country and the Olympics being so positively broadcasted, has sparked an interest in the Paralympic program.

“The Paralympics is a great springboard for both able-bodied and disabled people, it opens the eyes of people in what can be achieved and the acknowledgement of the level of commitment of the athletes.

“I would love to see equal respect and opportunities for all athletes regardless of their abilities, not just given through pity but given through genuine respect and admiration.”

Lynne represented Scotland at swimming and biathlon, and coached swimming clubs for many years after. She has volunteered with disabilities since high school.