Dog alerts owner to cat having a fit on Gorebridge gas street

Katrina Frew's dog Rosie and her cat Ludo
Katrina Frew's dog Rosie and her cat Ludo

A woman who woke to find her cat having a fit has blamed dangerous levels of carbon dioxide – which have led to five nearby homes being evacuated.

Katrina Frew (33), who was alerted to the drama by her pet dog, has already seen neighbours on one side evacuated.

She fears her cat’s fit is linked to the abnormal readings of Co2 gas in Newbyres Crescent.

The mother-of-two recalled the moment on Monday when her dog Rosie alerted her to her two-year-old cat Ludo having a fit in the next room, and how a passing TV crew came to the rescue.

“I would have slept through it if the dog hadn’t woken me up. She was going mad at the door. When I woke up I thought another dog had come into the house. I went into the living room and Ludo was having a fit on the living room floor, it was very scary.

“At that moment the film crew rung the door. Kirsty from STV was brilliant. She helped me with Ludo and tried to get a neighbour to help me.

“As soon as we took him outside he stopped fitting suddenly. I don’t know how long he was having the fit for as I was sleeping.

“It’s amazing that Rosie alerted me to Ludo’s fit. Even though they are a cat and a dog they are very close.”

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