Dog badly hurt by metal bore holes in Bonnyrigg field

Nelson, is pictured with Lucy (8) & Matt (5) Beck
Nelson, is pictured with Lucy (8) & Matt (5) Beck

A dog was badly injured by metal bore holes left by developer Walker Homes while out on a walk at a field popular with dog walkers.

Sarah Beck (33) was on holiday when her two-and-a -half-year-old black Labrador, Nelson, was rushed to the vets after stepping onto one of the metal holes at Dalhousie Mains while on a walk with Sarah’s father in law.

She said: “It’s just devastating. His leg is just in bits. He is going to have to have another operation. Market Cross vets in Dalkeith were amazing. If they didn’t have the facilities they have got, then it could have been fatal. I can’t thank them enough.

“My father in law was walking him, and my mother in law had to come out in the car. And there were two other dog walkers in the field that helped them carry him to the car. I really want to thank them – I don’t know their names.

“There are no signs or anything to tell you not to walk there. It was quite dramatic. He was losing blood. It was just horrific.”

A spokesperson for Walker Group said:“Walker Group has been liaising with the owner of the dog and are deeply regretful at the 
distress caused. We have carried out an investigation and are addressing the issues raised.”