Dog fouling is top of Gorebridge Primary’s lesson plan

Pupils from Gorebridge Primary learning council with some of the winning posters
Pupils from Gorebridge Primary learning council with some of the winning posters

The school community at Gorebridge Primary has been spearheading a campaign to reduce the amount of dog fouling in the area.

The PTA and Parent Council recently used blue spraypaint to place a ring of shame around dog faeces along the route to school.

In addition, the pupil learning council held a poster campaign in school to raise awareness of the issue.

Parent council chairman Kerry Fairgrieve said: “Gorebridge Community Cares did a survey around Gorebridge residents about what they felt was an issue.

“Dog fouling came up and we have had a few incidents along the route to school. It has been a bit of a problem with children having stuff on their shoes.”

The parents took a two-pronged approach - education and awareness. The council dog warden spoke to pupils about the dangers of dog mess and owners’ responsibilities.

With the involvement of Midlothian Council, the parents spray painted along 11 streets in Gorebridge.

“There were 275 items to be sprayed which is a lot,” said Mrs Fairgrieve. “We didn’t think there would be as many because of the snow and this was along a route to school.”

The aim is to return to the route to carry out a comparison test using the biodegradable spray.

Sometime over the next month the pupils’ posters will be put up around the town highlighting the issue to the wider community.

The Parent Council received a grant from the Coalfields Regeneration Fund to run the dog fouling project.

If you would like to undertake an initiative to help eradicate dog fouling in your area contact Midlothian Council to discuss your idea via