Drive to create a lasting legacy

Gorebridge Community Cares' is redeveloping the local park
Gorebridge Community Cares' is redeveloping the local park

Gorebridge Community Cares is a wee group – there is no doubt about that. We are local people who came together to save our library and leisure centre, writes Ellen Scott (Gorebridge Community Cares).

Luckily, the community stood behind us and these services were saved. We thought what now? Is that it? Job done! What we learned during our initial experience is that Midlothian Council is responsive – it can and is very willing to listen to communities.

Our little band of mums, grannies, aunties, dad (sorry Rick, you really are not just the token man), decided, we cannot just wait for things to happen – we have to make them happen.

Since then, we have run successful free Santa events – Gorebridge air is very invigorating and we have one of the highest percentages of young people and large families in Scotland – so trying to help people is very important to our group.

Our best and we hope, most lasting achievement and legacy for the future is the new community park.

This area is in the middle of the village, across from the local primary school. Due to underground mine workings and a near fatal accident, the field was fenced off more than 10 years ago and the area became derelict.

We have been working for three years with Mr James Kinch, Midlothian Council, to make the area safe – that was our first and real priority. To have children play in the field that used to hold so many happy memories of gala days and return it to a much needed green space for children to enjoy was our vision. Now, as I pass the field (sorry, park) I pinch myself. There are new iron fences up, we have just finished planting a Community Orchard, Phase I is nearly complete.

Children will be able to walk, cycle, skooter to school in safety, both to Gorebridge Primary and also to St Andrew’s Primary School. Can’t wait for Phase II and III and...