Dumping problems refuse to go away

Rudi Bregulla  is highlighting fly-tipping problems around Mayfield.
Rudi Bregulla is highlighting fly-tipping problems around Mayfield.

Dumping continues to be a problem across Midlothian with the latest anger at this blight to the countryside coming from Mayfield.

Fly-tipping appears to be on the rise across the county, with countless reports of items such as tyres, fridges and garden materials being dumped across Midlothian.

Robert Hogg, chairman of Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council, is angry at incidents south of the village on the roads to Gorebridge and Edgehead.

He said: “It’s getting horrible now. That’s four big dumpings in the community in the last few weeks.

“Our environmental person Rudi Bregulla has been going round the community keeping an eye out and checking incidents flagged up on our Facebook page. He contacts the council to come and pick up the mess.

“It’s getting worse. It’s widespread across Midlothian. Some contractors will maybe dump waste illegally instead of paying for a skip. Most people know they are dumping illegally.

“It has been a problem for years, especially up the back roads towards Blinkbonny, where the new houses at Pentland Rise are, and the other way on D’Arcy towards Edgehead. They go up the back roads in the dark, out of sight. It probably only takes them two minutes.”

Mr Hogg said he had “every sympathy for the council”, adding: “A few years back you could phone the council for a free uplift but obviously the council has to look at everything in its budget and things will get tighter.

“I’m not blaming the council, it’s the perpetrators that are dumping their rubbish.

“People just don’t care. It’s the attitude of some people. It’s all over Midlothian.”

A council spokesman said: “We’re aware of increased flytipping in the Mayfield area. We want to warn people that we are pursuing all reported cases with a view of fining those responsible. This applies even if you gave your items for someone else to dispose of, you too will be held accountable.

“We would ask local residents to be suspicious of cold-callers who knock on their doors offering to undertake work for cash, particularly those offering unrealistically cheap waste services.”

The spokesman added that wardens could serve a fixed penalty notice of £200.

Residents with household waste can dispose of it for free at the council’s Stobhill and Penicuik recycling centres, or book a chargeable bulky uplift.