Dynamic Dads take a leap forward

Midlothian Sure Start group Dynamic Dads and supporters ahead of their charity bungee jump
Midlothian Sure Start group Dynamic Dads and supporters ahead of their charity bungee jump

A group of dads from Midlothian recently jumped from a bridge to raise awareness of the local support group they have benefited from.

Charity Sure Start Midlothian launched its lottery funded Dynamic Dads group three years ago. With 20 local dads benefiting from the two weekly sessions it holds.

On June 20, the day before Father’s Day, eight Dynamic Dads threw themselves off Garry Bridge in Killiecrankie for a 40ft bungee jump to raise money to promote the group to other Midlothian dads.

Tim Porteus, dads co-ordinator at Midlothian Sure Start said: “The whole idea for the jump came from a discussion within the group.

“For a lot of the dads it was a big challenge, so it was kind of an example of what you can do if you have the motivation.

“It was a brilliant day. But a day on which some of the dads were very hesitant. One dad in particular only jumped as his kids shouted out ‘you can do it, you can do it dad’, so he then jumped.

“The money raised goes towards the promotion of Dynamic Dads to try and get more dads involved. It’s important to reach dads that haven’t been reached yet.”

Tim highlighted the work of Dynamic Dads: “For a lot of the dads it’s a vital lifeline for spending time with their kids. They bring their children along to our Saturday group and engage in activities with the kids. And we have a Thursday group learning about what their children’s needs are.

“They can all bring their parenting experiences into the group. They are building their confidence.

“It’s very important. They share problems, talk about things like bed time routines and discipline.

“There are lots of mums’ groups and this is one of the rare groups just for dads. It gives them confidence as they can speak to other dads about parenting. As one dad put it - ‘we are just as good at parenting as mums’.

“They have started doing stuff outwith our group. Which for us is a very good thing. That social aspect which mums usually build up.

“They are kind of taking control of it and creating these networks. As normally it is difficult to meet other dads really. Dynamic Dads provides the opportunity for dads to engage socially as parents.”

For more information about the group call 07780 382 918. The bungee jump has so far raised around £800, to donate go to https://www.justgiving.com/dynamicdads/