Growing town calls for its own high school

Main Street, Gorebridge
Main Street, Gorebridge

There are growing calls for Gorebridge to get its own high school as plans are submitted to build a sixth primary school in the growing town.

The Gorebridge area currently has four primary schools, but if and when the planned schools at Redheugh Farm and Persimmon Homes’ Charles Church Estate are built locals believe a new high school should be built there, instead of schoolchildren having to travel to Newbattle High.

Tracy Crasnston of Gorebridge Community Council, is the mother of four boys.

She said: I would like the council to consider asking the developers to build a high school instead of a sixth primary school.

“We have four primary schools , soon to be five.

“We send bus loads of children out to high school every morning, and have done for the past 20 years.

“We merit and deserve our own high school, this proposed sixth primary school proves this without a doubt.”

A council spokesman said: “Despite the growing numbers, we feel we are many years away from Gorebridge having pupil numbers sufficient to sustain a secondary school.”

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