Mum’s fury at parking fine

Jacqueline Ross with the parking ticket she received outside Woodburn Primary School.
Jacqueline Ross with the parking ticket she received outside Woodburn Primary School.

A WOODBURN mum has criticised the lack of parking spaces at her children’s school - claiming she had no choice but to leave her car on double yellow lines as she took her toddler son to the nursery.

Jacqueline Ross, of Woodburn Drive, received a parking ticket after dropping off 10-year-old daughter Lynsay and three-year-old son Cameron at Woodburn Primary School and Nursery, Cousland Road.

The Tesco customer services assistant said she was left with no option but to park illegally, as her children go in to school and nursery five minutes apart.

“Because I was running a tad late, I decided to take the children in the car. The place was packed with vehicles and there were four traffic wardens.

“There is a drop-off point, but cars just sit there and don’t move - and they didn’t get ticketed but I did.”

Mrs Ross said she had no intention of paying the £30 parking fine.

“I can’t leave my three-year-old son to go into nursery himself,” she added. “When the school is going in, it’s totally full and you can’t get parked - there are only three or four drop-off spaces.

“There’s a large parking area but it’s only for the teachers. A lot of parents are very, very angry about it - if they can build a school they should be able to build ample parking spaces.”

Mrs Ross added she tried to walk with Lynsay and Cameron to school as often as possible, but the route was often covered in dog mess.

Councillor Wilma Chalmers, Midlothian Council’s spokesman for road safety, said: “When building new schools, the council follows national guidance on maximum parking standards, which was introduced to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport.

“At Woodburn, as with all our schools, we produced a safe pedestrian route to the new school, designed to be separate from any vehicle route.

“For parents who take their children to school by car, there is parking available in Cowden Park Pavilion car park which offers the opportunity for parents to park and take a short - approximately eight minute - walk to accompany their children to and from school. A survey carried out last autumn showed that about twice as many children walk to Woodburn Primary School as are driven.”