Embarking on greatest hits tour

The Saturdays on stage at the O2 Arena. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Photos
The Saturdays on stage at the O2 Arena. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Photos

It’s an intimidating sight, all five of The Saturdays in one place.

Mollie King, Una Foden, Vanessa White, Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge are an excitable bunch, all eager to talk and aware that getting a word in can’t be taken for granted when there are four other people in your band.

King and Foden seem the de facto leaders; King comes across as the sensible one of the bunch, while Foden, who’s a few years older than the rest of the group, is the matriarch; maternal and in charge.

The girls recently released their first greatest hits collection, Finest Selection, and to support the album, they’re touring throughout September.

They may only have formed in 2008, but often when bands release their greatest hits, it’s after they’ve reformed after years apart, or when they’re about to split up.

“Not at all!” says 25-year-old Humes when that possibility is mentioned. “It’s a natural question, but this tour is more of a celebration and a marker of where we’re at than anything else.”

“It was always a dream plan to be able to do a greatest hits,” continues King, 27. “We started off putting one album out and just took it from there.

“We didn’t plan too far ahead and can’t believe we’re still around, but the fact we are still here, seven years and five albums in, was always something we all hoped would happen.”

They’re reluctant to give away too many details of the live show at the moment, saying they want it to be a surprise for their fans, but they do admit they’re excited about what’s in store.

“We’re rehearsing, and we’ve planned all the staging, costumes and dancers,” says King. “We’ve been at this stage lots of times before, but this is a greatest hits tour, so it is different. It’s a big step and we want everything to be as good as it can possibly be.”