Anger over street lighting

Dalkeith residents have criticised Midlothian Council for replacing a conservation area's street lighting with new lampposts which they say are unsuitable.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 8:00 am
One of the new lighting columns on Glebe Street, Dalkeith.
One of the new lighting columns on Glebe Street, Dalkeith.

Householders in Glebe Street and Mitchell Street have questioned the move, which is part of a programme to replace older lighting columns with more efficient LED lights.

Resident Clare Smith-O’Donnell said: “Residents jump through hoops when altering their homes to comply with planning regulations. Midlothian Council has placed new lampposts in the street, which are huge metal structures, not at all in keeping with the street’s heritage.

“The residents were already painting and maintaining the old style posts at no cost to the council. The council say they are entirely within their rights to change the posts, but that doesn’t make it cost-effective or right.”

A Midlothian Council spokesman said a lighting team member had met with Dalkeith community councillors and spoken to residents regarding the replacements.

He continued:“He explained that all columns over 30 years old are being replaced with aluminium ones and LED, energy-efficient lanterns. If an inspection finds a lamppost is what is known as a ‘Conservation Column’, which these are not, then they would be replaced with a specially made lamppost, costing around £1,000 each. Aluminium costs around £300 per post.”

He added that the council has offered to paint the columns black to counteract their metallic sheen.