Country Corner - An enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious

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Myself and two old school friends have taken to doing a weekly walk, writes George Hogg (Hogg Estate Services).

Here is Dave on our most recent stroll along the coast from Cockburnspath to Belhaven. Dave was has spent much of the last few years in an office, so greatly enjoys the freedom of the great outdoors.

I am finding his enthusiasm infectious, particularly as he enjoys me pointing out tracks trails and signs of wildlife which normal folk overlook.

On this walk we often found ourselves quite close to various waterfowl and wading birds of the shore.

These are species I must have seen thousands of times but I still get a kick out of pointing them out and naming them for someone who is seeing them for the first time.

Seeing Dave's reaction to these encounters reminds me of the sense of wonder I felt when seeing each of these species for the first time when I was a boy explorer away back in the 1960s.

This particular stroll showed us sanderling, curlew, peewit, turnstone, wigeon, and many other birds, each using their own particular niche of the shore habitat.

Also on this route there is much of geological and historical interest to be read in old masonry and much older natural stone and rocks.

Even the cloudscape out at sea showed us distant snowfalls. One dark front in particular sailed ever closer, growing and darkening all the

while until, at Barns Ness, engulfing us in falling snow for a short while until it overtook us and headed off inland.

A quick coffee in Umbertos in Dunbar before finally descending from the magnificent cliff top trail, to be treated to late afternoon’s golden light on Belhaven Bay. Bus passes out and back to mine for mince and tatties!