Country Corner - Exhausted seal pup receives some TLC

Reed is now in the care of the Scottish SPCA
Reed is now in the care of the Scottish SPCA

A regular client is Torness Power Station I happened to be on the estate when a birder reported a seal pup on the beach. writes George Hogg (Hogg Estate Services).

Seal pups should be barrel shaped.

As you can see, this wee mite, "Reed”, was rake thin and had totally exhausted its fat reserves.

This was a job for the Scottish SPCA.

Their Inspector later phoned to say she had collected the pup, which was fit and uninjured but very small and thin.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said: “We’ve treated many seal pups already this season, which will last until March or April and usually sees us treat over 100 injured or orphaned pups.

“Anyone concerned about a seal pup, including any who appear injured, are found on public beaches or are spotted in unusual places such as non-breeding areas, should give us a call before approaching them.

“We are often contacted about seal pups that are healthy but have been abandoned by their mothers because someone has disturbed them.”

Anyone who discovers an injured or distressed wild animal should call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

So it seems certain Tiny will soon be back to full fat fitness and ready to be released back into the wild.

Hopefully, it will have a long and prosperous life around the east coast of Scotland as females Grey Seals normally live up to 35 years of age, males up to 25 years.

Grey Seals often travel long distances outwith their island bound breeding season , so our wee pup may have many adventures ahead in years to come.

I'm sure we all wish Reed well and if anyone would like to thank the SSPCA and support this vital work I'm sure Colin would be delighted to accept any donation large or small.