Dalkeith Country Park to update infrastructure to enhance visitor experience

Dalkeith Country Park is set to invest in a programme of upgrades to its car parking facilities, roads and pathways following an upsurge in visitors since the first lockdown.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 12:00 pm
Montagu Bridge and Dalkeith House at Dalkeith Country Park
Montagu Bridge and Dalkeith House at Dalkeith Country Park

The plan is to build a new car park and entrance road, and to upgrade some of its pathways, in order to reduce pressure on parking and other infrastructure.

This will be funded through the introduction of a daily £3 parking fee from April 20.

All funds raised from the charge will be invested directly into improving the park’s existing infrastructure.

The aim is to create an enhanced visitor experience for all, making a visit to the park safer, healthier and more enjoyable, as managing director Remko Plooi explained.

He said: “We want to ensure that the beauty of Dalkeith Country Park will be able to be enjoyed by generations to come and to provide the best possible facilities.

“Like many other outdoor facilities, attractions and spaces around Edinburgh and the Lothians, our car parks, roads and paths have been under pressure since the first lockdown.

“Our car parks and roads were not designed for such high numbers of vehicles and people on a daily basis and are not coping.

"We will be investing in these facilities and infrastructure and as such will be introducing a modest car parking charge.

"All funds raised will be reinvested in the park to create the high standard of quality infrastructure that we believe our visitors should be able to expect from us.”

The 1,000-acre estate, home to Dalkeith Palace since its construction in 1702, has been in the Buccleuch family for more than 300 years.

It is home to Fort Douglas Adventure Park and Restoration Yard, an award-winning store, restaurant and wellbeing lab, as well as featuring waymarked cycling and walking routes and a regular programme of activities for the whole family.

The park recently invested significantly installing a new pedestrian pathway and traffic segregation measures to encourage local visitors from Dalkeith to walk into the park from Town Gate.

Also, in partnership with Midlothian Council, investment has been made to upgrade the Town Gate entry area to ensure that it is a safer experience for pedestrians.