Hundreds of calls on bins in Midlothian

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Midlothian Council has received around 200 calls a day from residents about their bins not being uplifted by staff ‘working to contract’.

Council policy on refuse collections in the county states that wheelie bins with their lid not closed will not be uplifted. However, this rule is at the discretion of the bin men .

As previously reported in the Advertiser, the union Unite claims that around 75 binmen are engaged in the lawful protest known as ‘work to contract’.

Speaking at last week’s Newtongrange Community Council meeting, Councillor Bryan Pottinger (Lab) revealed the extent of complaints from people regarding their bins being left unemptied.

He said: “The council has been inundated with around 200 calls a day about refuse issues.

“A lot of it has been bins not getting collected because the bin lid is ajar or not secure.”

Midlothian Council said: “It’s the case that we were getting around 200 calls about waste services at one point.

“However, on average about 65 of these would be complaints.

“The numbers have gone down significantly as residents are understanding why we are asking them to make sure their bins lids are closed fully.

“For example, we had 30 complaints on the Wednesday of last week.”

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