Midlothian North MSP receives further Mary Burn mess update

Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie (SNP) met with Scottish Water at the Mary Burn to be provided with a further update on action being taken to clear sewage at the site.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 8:16 am
Sewage debris that had polluted the Mary Burn near Easthouses.

Following months of communication with Scottish Water, Mr Beattie again met with representatives to find out what action has been taken recently to remove the pollution, protect local residents and wildlife from the effects of it, and prevent recurrence.

Scottish Water advised that it had continued the clear-up on site at the burn, with Rentokil in place carrying out the clean-up. A tree surgeon had been employed to gain access to the hard to reach parts of the burn.

The agency also advised that a second screen had been fitted to the sewage outlet with the hope that it will catch the wipes and towels before they flood into the burn, and it has promised to ensure that all outstanding debris will be removed as soon as possible. After every rainfall Scottish Water will attend the site and inspect for new pollution or exposure of old material and remove any debris from the site.

Speaking after the site visit, Mr Beattie MSP said: “I thank Scottish Water for the action that has been taken so far and for keeping me updated. I do appreciate that there are some positive improvements, however, there are still too many old sanitary towels around the site which is likely due to the exposure of old material from current rainfall. Coupled with disturbances caused by the activities of the tree surgeon.

“I expect that Scottish Water continues to clean up the site as promised and will inspect the site after each rainfall to check for new pollution and remove any exposed old material.

“I still have some reservations about the changes to the system and whether they are as effective as hoped for but I will continue to monitor and inspect myself.

“I again encourage all residents to think before they flush!”