Pupils are the bee’s knees!

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An enterprising group of senior pupils at Beeslack Community High School in Penicuik have managed to unite the whole school behind an innovative conservation campaign.

Concerned by reports of the worldwide decline in the bee population, the team devised Braids For Bees, a fundraising drive to support a bee-friendly wildflower meadow in the school grounds.

S5 pupil Emma Weatherall explained: “We were horrified to learn that bees are in decline, especially as they are responsible for the production of a huge amount of our food. If they die out, the human race is in real trouble.”

“We want to do what we can to help the situation,” added Rebecca Potts.

“We gave a presentation to each year group at assembly, and then we sold yellow and black braided wristbands around school.

“Everyone was really interested and enthusiastic about it and we have been really pleased with the response – we raised more than £120 in just four mornings.”

The students have now enlisted the advice and support of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the work involved in devising, developing and creating the meadow will go towards achieving the Explorer Level of the John Muir Award, with which Beeslack has a long-standing association.

“At Beeslack we have a traditional association with bees which is really interesting. One meaning of Beeslack is ‘valley of the bees’ and yellow and black are part of our school colours,” explained Nicola Sargison.

“We hope that when our meadow is finished, Beeslack will be an even better place for bees to visit.”