Fala speeding petition taken to Holyrood

Colin Beattie with Jenny and Colin Grahame from Fala with their speeding petition
Colin Beattie with Jenny and Colin Grahame from Fala with their speeding petition

Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie has received a petition in the Scottish Parliament for a 20 mph speed limit to be set within Fala Village.

Jenny Grahame, as a representative for all residents of Fala, collected local support for this blanket speed limit taking in the entire village, most importantly around the local nursery and children’s play park.

The residents are concerned about the lack of footpaths within Fala and the risk that speeding cars pose to children and other walkers along the roads in the village.

After receiving the petition Colin Beattie (SNP) spoke of the importance of a reduced speed limit for the village.

He said: “I’ve been involved with this campaign for some time and as early as the end of June I wrote to the council to urge them to look into the possibility of establishing a speed limit for Fala.

“It is important to establish safeguards like speed limits to protect the welfare of everyone in our community.

“We know that many children cross the road to get to their play park, and that one of the busiest roads runs right past the nursery.

“We must enact precautions such as these to allow our young children a safe atmosphere as they begin to develop road safety awareness.

“We are also aware that Fala has a large elderly population, who may not be as mobile as they used to.

“A speed limit would give these residents the freedom to be out and about without the fear of oncoming drivers.

“Setting a speed limit will reduce the risk of injuries and accidents while increasing driver awareness, creating a safer environment for the residents of Fala Village.

“I look forward to handing over this petition to the council and I strongly hope that they will respect the needs of the residents of Fala and take the sensible step in securing their safety.”

Labour Councillor for Midlothian East, Kenny Young said: “Road safety is one of the most frequently raised issues in this part of Midlothian. Both the A68 - a road that the Scottish Government is responsible for - and our local roads must be as safe as they can possibly be for motorists and pedestrians.”