Family help Mayfield woman

Mayfield sisters Sindy Greens (left) and Joanne Hoggan
Mayfield sisters Sindy Greens (left) and Joanne Hoggan

A Mayfield woman who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis has spoken of her gratitude to family members raising money for her.

Sindy Greens (27) needs £2,500 for a downstairs toilet in her house, as her condition makes it difficult to get upstairs to the toilet.

Last Sunday, family members young and old took part in charity races in Edinburgh to raise money for the toilet.

Sindy explained what a difference a downstairs toilet would make to her.

She said: “Where we live has everything we need – shops, schools for the kids etc. To move is something we can’t really do.

“So we are doing what we can to raise money for a downstairs bathroom.

“I suffer from MS and the biggest effects it has had on me is my left leg and having to go to the toilet maybe 40 plus times a day.

“So I’m up and down the stairs a lot. I can manage. I have got bannisters. But the urgency when I need to go, if I don’t get their quick enough then it does result in an accident if, I’m honest.

“I’m only 27, so it’s quite embarrassing.

“We have raised £725 in 10 days.

“It would just be such a massive help to have the downstairs toilet.

“There’s a few other things that my house needs done to it to make it fully wheelchair accessible. At the moment I’m not in the wheelchair in the house. I have a walking stick.

“I fell down the steps at our front door and occupational health have put a banister in for me. So there’s lots of little issues but the toilet is the most important thing.”

Sindy admitted that it has been difficult accepting help from her older sister, Joanne Hoggan, (32), who as well as raising money last Sunday is also doing a 10k race next year, despite having never run before.

She said: “To be honest, I’m a very proud person and I don’t look for help.

“But I’m now at the stage where I need it.

“She used to come and clean the house. But I don’t let her as I’m so proud.

“But this way she can help me without really helping me, if you know what I mean.

“I’m her baby sister she keeps telling me. So she is just looking out for me.”

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