Family left shaken by car keys theft from front door

Karen Rafferty of Beveridge Avenue, Mayfield, pictured at home.
Karen Rafferty of Beveridge Avenue, Mayfield, pictured at home.

A woman from Mayfield has revealed that the theft of her car, after thieves stole the keys from her front door, has left her family in fear.

Karen Rafferty (41) was woken early on Monday last week but at the time did not know it was because someone was in the house.

She recalled the incident: “My son was in my bed as he couldn’t sleep and in the middle of the night I had opened the window as he was hot.

“At 6.45am this person came into the house and opened the front door, which caused my bedroom door to slam.

“They obviously got a fright and left but saw the car keys in the back of the front door. I had no idea what had happened and didn’t notice my car was gone until an hour later.

“Two footprints were found further up the hall. Whether they were going to burgle the house or not we will never know.”

Incredibly, her car was spotted by a friend two days later.

Single mum Karen revealed how her two children, Murray (9) and Milly (11), have been left shaken by the theft.

She said: “I normally lock the door but because Murray was not himself on the Sunday night it must have put me off my stride.

“I was an absolute wreck afterwards, they made me feel like I wasn’t safe in my own home. You feel angry that somebody has invaded your privacy.”

She said her children had been having trouble sleeping since the incident.

“They are absolutely distraught” Karen said. “I am never leaving the keys out again and I will make sure I lock the door when I come in.”

Friend Gail Patterson spotted the car at Sherwood Grove in Bonnyrigg.

Karen said: “Gail phoned me to say she was parked in front of my car. What’s the chances?

“She just thought ‘that looks like Karen’s car’, and checked the registration on my Facebook post. I phoned 999 right away and the police asked me to meet them at the car with the spare key.”

Despite the ordeal, Karen was overwhelmed by the support she received from people.

She said: “The police said to get it on social media and they were spot on. The response was incredible, over 300 people shared my post.

“The local community have been great, with neighbours asking me if I need a car or a lift. It’s been amazing.

“A friend’s dad came and changed the locks for me on Monday evening just so I felt a bit safer.”

Sergeant Michele Lindsay said: “We are pursuing a number of lines of inquiry to trace those responsible and anyone who saw any suspicious activity within Beveridge Avenue should contact police immediately.”