Fastest growing area in Scotland

Aerial shot of Midlothian
Aerial shot of Midlothian

Scottish Government figures predict that Midlothian will be the fastest growing area in Scotland in the next quarter of a century.

Scotland’s projected population increase is likely to be unevenly spread across the country, according to a report issued last week by the Registrar General for Scotland.

According to the figures Midlothian’s population will grow by 26 per cent over a 25 year period, the highest percentage rise in the country.

It is predicted that Midlothian’s population would rise from the 86,220 recorded in 2014 to 108,369 in 2039.

And as the population of Scotland ages, larger increases are projected for older age groups. The population aged 75 and over is projected to increase in Midlothian by 106 per cent.