Film of the Week - Now Is Good

Based on the book Before I Die by Jenny Downham, Now Is Good is a touching drama about two teenagers united in the shadow of terminal illness, written and directed for the screen by Ol Parker.

Seventeen-year-old Tessa (Dakota Fanning) has the same lust for life as her best friend Zoey (Kaya Scodelario), but Tessa won’t live to see her 18th birthday, go to university or raise a family.

Painfully aware of just how few days and weeks remain, Tessa makes a list of dreams she would like to realise before she dies, including losing her virginity, taking drugs and going shoplifting with Zoey.

She thinks nothing of spending merrily on a credit card, quipping, “Buy now, pay later... or not!”

Tessa’s protective father (Paddy Considine) and her flighty mother (Olivia Williams) are determined to protect their daughter as best they can in these final weeks, but the teenager wants to take risks.

This includes falling hopelessly in love with hunky neighbour Adam (Irvine), who is ill-prepared for Tessa’s illness.

Out of everyone, the one person who seems to cope best with Tessa’s impending death is her cherubic nine-year-old brother, Cal (Edgar Canham).

Now Is Good quickly establishes friction between Tessa and her father, who are at loggerheads about the best way to spend those precious final days.