Fire board meeting interrupted by alarm

Councillor Kelly Parry SNP
Councillor Kelly Parry SNP

The sense of irony wasn’t lost on councillors when the first police and fire board meeting was halted by a fire alarm last week.

Councillor Kelly Parry (SNP), chairperson of the new Police and Fire and Rescue Board, was able to see the funny side of the incident at Midlothian House in Dalkeith.

She said: “A fire alarm went off during a heated debate and the building had to be evacuated for a short time. Following the all-clear from the emergency services I welcomed back the members of the police and fire board. After praising the quick response time of the fire teams we were able to get back to the burning issues on the agenda.

“The council chambers are regularly the source of issues that inflame people. However, on this occasion I believe the culprit was an overdone piece of toast.”