Fireworks blamed for Newbattle lockdown

Newbattle High School, Newtongrange
Newbattle High School, Newtongrange

Newbattle High School was put into lockdown after reports of ‘gun shots’ last week – action which has been praised by parents.

Staff and pupils were kept in the school for 50 minutes last Thursday, amid reports of “sounds similar to a firearm being discharged” in nearby woods. After a search of the area Police Scotland said it believed that fireworks were to blame for the noise.

The Advertiser received an email purporting to be from an S1 pupil claiming that he and his fellow first years were confused by what was going on. It said: “Because we’re S1 we never knew what the lockdown bell was, we just thought the bell was broken. So we carried on as normal and went to our class but our teacher locked the door and told us we were in lockdown. We started to panic when the police got here. It was quiet scary for everyone.”

Midlothian Council said: “Pupils are made aware of and regularly practise events such as fire evacuation from schools where their knowledge of procedures has been assessed as integral to the safe evacuation of the building.”

Meanwhile, parents took to our Facebook page to praise police and school staff for how they handled the situation.

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