First for Penicuik Y

Claire Gillies, Penicuik YMCA-YWCA CEO, with Jackie Scutt, Director at YWCA Scotland.
Claire Gillies, Penicuik YMCA-YWCA CEO, with Jackie Scutt, Director at YWCA Scotland.

Penicuik YMCA/YWCA is the first organisation to sign an affiliation document with the renewed YWCA Scotland.

The signing means that Penicuik Y is now an affiliated centre. This will enable the Y to deliver YWCA Scotland’s programmes to create empowering and safe spaces for women and girls in groups, clubs and activities.

As part of the agreement the Y’s first new project is YGirls, which will be carried forward by the new youth development worker. YGirls is open to all girls, but will also have a strong focus on those who are experiencing poor mental health and well-being, risk taking behaviours and absence from school.

Jackie Scutt, Director at YWCA Scotland, said: “We are so delighted, at YWCA Scotland, to have Penicuik Y as the first affiliate to our renewed movement for young women. While we have very valuable historic connections, this is an exciting new direction for us all.

“YWCA Scotland has been on a transformational journey since 2014, working on a radical and ambitious five year development plan to bring our form of ‘association’ into a 21st century operating model.

“Together with our affiliated centres, like Penicuik Y, we are creating empowering spaces for girls and young women to meet together in groups and clubs, activities and conversations. Working together will have a stronger impact and provide many more opportunities for young women’s voices to be heard, respected and celebrated.”

Claire Gillies, Penicuik YMCA/YWCA CEO, said: “This is great news for Penicuik Y. The new affiliation with YWCA Scotland is a real feather in our cap and builds on the great work we’ve been doing in mentoring, childcare and youth outreach. Our new Youth Development Worker will be developing and rolling out the YGirls programme in the coming months, making a real difference to young people’s lives across Penicuik and beyond.”