Fish homecoming among music festival highlights in Dalkeith

More than 5,000 music fans young and old descended on Dalkeith Country Park on Saturday for this year’s Midstock Music Festival.

Among the acts playing was Dalkeith-born rock star Fish, aka Derek Dick, who admitted that his first big open air gig in his hometown, at “the Duke’s” where he once worked, was an emotional one.

The Fratellis at Dalkeith Country Park for Midstock 2015

The Fratellis at Dalkeith Country Park for Midstock 2015

Speaking immediately after his set, he said: “I loved it. It was a very emotional gig, a lot more emotional than I thought it was going to be. I think earlier on in the afternoon I was a bit kind of reticent about going on and how it was going to go.

“But the crowd really came in for when we were on stage, and they were fantastic.

“I wont forget this gig. It’s been a great summer, we have had some fantastic shows.

“And this one was special, it was very emotional in my opinion. You know, coming back here and playing in the Duke’s was a bit different.

“The only times I played Dalkeith before was at number 10, and at Woodburn Miners Club for warm ups.

“So it was the first kind of proper gig that we have done here. And this was the last open air gig with this album in the UK, playing it in its entirety. So it was good.”

The Fratellis, the Hoosiers, the Rah’s and Fatherson were among the acts at the festival, now in its second year after launching in 2014 as ‘Midfest: Grown in Scotland’.

Speaking on Saturday, Midstock co-organiser Wullie Slight was happy with the progress the re-branded music festival is making. He said: “The day has been eventful, we have had lots of different things happening. It’s been busier than we thought it was going to be this year.

“It was very good last year, but we seem to have exceeded expectations this year.

“I’m a bit stressed at the moment,it brings its own stresses, but all good in the end, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves and everyone has a good time I think that’s the real bottom line

“It’s been well worth it. It takes its toll on you. I’m probably looking forward to Monday to get it all out of the road.

“But whist I say that, I thoroughly enjoy it, I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience, from picking the bands to putting the arena together in the end and seeing it come together, it’s always eventful.”