Fitness plan revealed for leisure centre

Anne Elliot
Anne Elliot

Community groups vying for a stake in the future of Bonnyrigg Leisure Centre have upped the ante in their respective campaigns.

Intent on saving the building from “unnecessary” demolition, Bonnyrigg Centre Initiative (BCI) wants to see it turned into a play centre and community hub.

But rival group Bonnyrigg and Sherwood Development Trust has joined forces with a local businessman who is keen to establish a fitness academy.

Trust chairman Anne Elliot would not be drawn on whether the groups might work together: “I would need to discuss that with my committee first, now that there is another party involved.

“Their aims are different to ours. We now have six months to come up with another business plan and are going to concentrate on what we are doing at this stage.”

BCI chairman Darius Namdaran is determined that the local community should have its say: “Its important now to pause and let the people of Bonnyrigg have the time to share their needs and dreams.

“We feel the fair thing would be to form a new charity designed to ensure that the voice of the people is always in control of this building. There is space for everyone if we design the place well.”