Flaming heck! It’s the Olympics


Live Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (Friday, February 7, BBC Two. 3.30pm)

What’s It All About? Cast your mind back to the heady summer of 2012, when it seemed the British public forgot they were supposed to be moaning about the cost of the London Games, and instead came down with a serious case of Olympic fever.

And then get ready to enter into the spirit again as the Winter Games officially begin.

Even though this time the event is being held in Russia, rather than the UK, the BBC is still dedicated to bringing us all the action via six HD streams.

But while you can watch the sporting action on your smartphone or laptop, the best place to see the Opening Ceremony is on good old BBC Two, as Clare Balding introduces coverage from the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is Russia’s first ever Winter Games, and only the second time the country has hosted an Olympic event (the other was the Moscow Games of 1980).

So, we should probably expect something fairly spectacular from this choreographed show, which will culminate in the lighting of the Olympic Flame.