Football team with big heart

Arniston Rangers CPR-athon
Arniston Rangers CPR-athon

LOCAL youth footballers went from scoring goals to demonstrating how to save lives recently.

On October 28, Arniston Rangers YFC took children from the club aged between seven and 10 years to the Gyle Shopping Centre, where they performed a CPR Demonstration and Marathon from 10am until 6pm.

They showed passers-by how to give CPR and put casualties into the recovery position.

The Red Cross provided training and help throughout the day.

Jillian Miller, treasurer for the club’s Cherokee team (ages five to seven), explained more about their unusual fundraising event.

She said: “We were raising funds for essential football equipment and ultimately, would like to provide the local children with a fit for purpose training area within the village.

“We raised £1,380 and would like to thank everyone who supported us on the day.

“The children were brilliant and really enjoyed showing the passers by what to do. They took on board, very quickly, all the information they were told. I think it is really important to show children these vital lifesaving skills, as you never know when they might be able to use them to save a life.

“We must say a special thank you to William Reid and Margaret Stobie from the Red Cross, who helped us with training at very short notice and stayed throughout the day on Sunday to support us.

“Also, Cameron Miller from Team 2003, who stayed for the whole eight hours and helped the other groups, a wee star.”

Arniston Rangers’ Committee thanked Jillian for organising the event.