French connection journey

Husband and wife Daniel and Ashley Bochman took a stroll around Dalkeith's French twin town Jarnac while doing a bit of research recently.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 7:49 am
Daniel and Ashley Bochman from Dalkeith Country Park visited Jarnac in France.

The couple, who live in Dalkeith Country Park, were thrilled to see the connections between the two towns, and wanted Advertiser readers to see their holiday snaps.

Daniel recalled their trip. He said: “Recently, while in France researching connections to Dalkeith Palace for my PhD dissertation, my wife and I visited the town of Jarnac, the twin town to Dalkeith.

“It was fun to see that Jarnac has a ‘Rue de Dalkeith’ residential street name as well as a two prominent statues featuring the coat of arms of both Dalkeith and Jarnac.”

A street sign in Jarnac
A list of its twin towns in Jarnac.