Funding boost for Midlothian research

Midlothian researchers have secured nearly £1 million to learn more about the immune systems of livestock and to develop sheep and cattle vaccines.

With the global population continuing to grow, food security is becoming a real challenge. There is a pressing need to apply new technologies to help ensure sustainable, safe and healthy food supplies, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Effective vaccines are the most efficient way of preventing the transmission and spread of infectious diseases in cattle and sheep.

However, there are still many diseases which do not have effective vaccines and the lack of knowledge of the immune systems of these animals is considered to be a major block to strategic vaccine development.

Thanks to a major grant from the BBSRC and the Scottish Government, scientists from Moredun Research Institute, based at the Pentlands Science Park, working in partnership with colleagues from the nearby Roslin Institute, will undertake detailed investigations of the immune responses of sheep and cattle, vitally underpinning the development of vaccines in the future.

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