Funding boost for Roslin Institute

The world-famous Roslin Institute
The world-famous Roslin Institute

Research carried out in Midlothian to improve animal health across the world has received a £2.4 million funding award.

Scientists at Edinburgh University’s Roslin Institute have received the grants from the Biotechnology and Biological Research Council’s animal health research club.

The funded projects will take place over the next three years.

The club supports research to improve our understanding of resistance in farmed animals to pests and disease.

Roslin Institute’s projects will examine a viral disease, which accounts for around a third of pig deaths in the US and is the most costly disease in Europe.

And, by using datasets of cattle herds, the scientists hope to identify the genetic changes which make dairy cattle at risk to bovine tuberculosis.

Finally, researchers will look to improve the immune response in chickens to a parasitic disease which can only be treated by expensive vaccines.