Funding fears voiced for communities

Penicuik and District Community Council says it will be “skint” after its grant was slashed – and fears this will hit its ability to help local groups.

In line with other Midlothian community councils, it is due to receive only £300 for running costs from the local authority, compared with last year’s award of £1,292, calculated on population size.

Chairman Ken Brown said: “We are going to be skint from now on.

“I specifically asked [the council] about donating to people and was told they would have to apply for their own grant.”

Secretary Gordon Ker said the communtity council had received a letter of thanks from the horticultural society about financial support, adding: “We were set up as a statutory body to help the community and then they take the rug from under our feet. I like to help the community and we are the first port of call.”

Iain Hutchison agreed the move was “demoralising”.

Further funding for the group would have to meet certain criteria.