Funding to give a voice to Midlothian communities

Midlothian Council
Midlothian Council

Communities will have more say in how local authorities spend their cash thanks to a new funding boost from the Scottish Government.

Midlothian Council is one of 13 to receive funding which will give people the opportunity to decide where investment should be directed in their local community.

The £18,900 investment will be used to match-fund existing council commitments, provide support for participatory budgeting events and support communities to engage with the process, evaluation and learning.

Midlothian Council intends to work in partnership with Sure Start and other community groups on a participatory budgeting project aimed at helping vulnerable families living in deprived areas.

Councillor Kelly Parry (SNP) said: “In these times of unprecedented political engagement in Scotland, there are many people who want to participate, but don’t get involved in traditional consultations.

“Participatory budgeting gives them a sense of ownership and removes barriers that can often come between them and being involved in local decision making.

“This funding will give people the opportunity to address the issues that are important to their community.”

Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie (SNP) added: “Participatory budgeting has been used in other countries and the impact can be transformational.

“I hope that this is the first step in empowering residents in Midlothian and supporting their engagement with local government and their local community.”