Fury at Tesco’s lack of care

Eric is pictured in his back garden
Eric is pictured in his back garden

Residents living behind Tesco’s Hardengreen store are up in arms at the lack of effort from the retail chain to clear up the surrounding area.

One of the locals, retired sales manager Eric Maitland (60), has been left frustrated after first raising the issue of mess and lack of maintenance at Hardengreen Lane with Tesco nine months ago.

He said: “It has been a long time. I have taken the hump with Tesco.

“It’s just no duty of care at all by Tesco. The trees there are now 30/40/50 foot high and nobody at Tesco has done anything about it.

“They are blocking the sunlight into my garden and I’m getting worried about one of them encroaching onto my conservatory.

“In September last year all the residents got a letter from the new customer services manager, in which she said she wanted to speak to everyone to make sure they were happy with what’s going on.

“I thought that would be great, as we had heard nothing from them before.

“That’s when I started email communication with her about the trees and the lane behind the store.

“She was aware of the issue. But not at any time has she visited the residents.

“Then she said she couldn’t do anything about it because we were going into a new financial year. And then she left her position.

“In my opinion it was a fobbing off exercise. And the trees have just grown and grown in that time. It’s a big company attitude.

“They don’t look after anything outside. They only care about inside the store.

“I have just got a bee in my bonnet about it now as their responses show they just don’t care. I’m not putting up with it anymore. I want to fight it.”

Despite repeated requests for a comment, Tesco was unable to provide a response.