Future of Gorebridge gas-hit street to be decided

Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge.
Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge.

The future of the “eery” half-empty Gorebridge street currently being evacuated due to a carbon dioxide leak is set to be made clear next week.

The council decided in June to demolish all 64 homes on Newbyres Crescent after gas was discovered seeping into them from old mine workings.

Councillors are expected to make a final decision at next Tuesday’s full council meeting on whether to re-build houses there or sell the land.

Meanwhile, the council revealed that 31 of the 64 homes have so far been evacuated.

One of the residents still there, Dawn Mills, described life on the half-empty street, she said: “At my end of the street basically all the houses across the road have been vacated and in the next week or two there will be just four or five us still left at this end of the street, and I don’t know when I will be moving out.

“I’ve had enough to be honest. It’s hard staying here now, it’s quite eery. There has been people looking in to the gardens to see if there is anything worth stealing.”

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