Garden’s success 
is made in Chelsea

Kevock Garden Plants' gold medal winning display at Chelsea Flower Show
Kevock Garden Plants' gold medal winning display at Chelsea Flower Show

Kevock Garden Plants recently won its fourth gold medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London, receiving a perfect score from judges.

Stella Rankin runs the Lasswade garden, which was created more than 40 years ago, with her husband David.

She said: “We had an absolutely fantastic time. We were thrilled to get a gold medal. It’s the fourth one we have had.

“The display was very well received by the judges. We got an ‘excellent’ in every section.

“For six days the public were looking at it and the responses from them were phenomenal. They particularly liked Meconopsis. It’s a blue flowering plant. It simply wowed the crowds.

“I think it was the best display we have ever put on.”

Stella praised everyone in involved with the entry.

She said: “It was a huge team effort. There was a group of six of us that went down for three days, setting it up. We were supported by people at home preparing the plants.

“It’s a complex job. Getting the plants ready. The preparation takes about six months.

“At Chelsea everything has to be in perfect condition.

“It’s very rewarding. Creating something so beautiful. In a way it’s a work of art and it’s very satisfying to do it.

“We have now gained a lot of experience. The team has worked on Chelsea for four years. The core is the same, but we always take some new people to train them.

“Although it’s our fourth gold, it can take a tiny little mistake and they take marks off. But this year they didn’t take any marks from us.

“So it’s certainly the best we have ever done.”

The success at Chelsea has boosted business. Stella added: “I think it has led to a lot of interest. We have done a lot of consultancy work for people’s gardens. Particularly rock gardens.

“So it has led to a lot of people enquiring about our consultancy service. This is an on-going benefit. These awards let people know what we can do.”