Gardening group digs deep to help Bonnyrigg’s Hawthornden Primary School

The gardening group at Hawthornden Primary School, Polton Avenue Road, Bonnyrigg
The gardening group at Hawthornden Primary School, Polton Avenue Road, Bonnyrigg

A natural gardening group has offered its help to the Bonnyrigg school hit by vandals after reading of the story on the Advertiser website.

As recently reported by the Advertiser, children at Hawthornden Primary School were heartbroken to discover that vandals had broken into the school overnight and damaged many of their plant pots.

Rachel Collison, co-founder of London-based Natural Urban Gardeners (NUGS), explained why they helped out.

She said: “We are just liaising with the school now. We’ve been interacting over Twitter.

“They are really pleased.

“We saw the story on your website because we are always looking at what’s going on around the UK regarding gardening.

“And we just thought it was such a shame, as the school is obviously encouraging kids to get involved in gardening.

“We wondered if there was anything we could do to help. So we have offered to send them pots. Probably about 20 pots. They are made of coir, the husk of a coconut. Our basis is all about sustainable gardening. So we use these. They are also biodegradable.

“We want to be part of as many communities as we can.

“We see it as showing kids how to start gardening, especially organically.

“Through social media we share our message, it’s not just about our business, it’s about the greater good.”

Hawthornden Primary School’s headteacher Gwen Maitland said of the offer: “We are absolutely delighted.

“I have spoken to the person who runs our gardening club, teacher Linda Dolan, and the group are made up.

“Social media gets a negative press but here’s one way that social media has really helped us. It’s a really positive thing.

“It’s great that somebody has come on and said ‘here you go, here’s something to help’.

“It shows that there is a lot of good people out there.

“It’s good for the kids to see. We support a lot of charities. We have a charity group. And we recently had a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer.

“So here’s a group doing something for us. The kids are very pleased.

“The damage is all cleared up now. I was out there in the playground with the janitor and our principal.

“I still think we will get new pots too. But we can use the pots from NUGS to enhance what we have.”