Gardening - Jobs for the week

Take cuttings of shrubs, roses and soft fruit bushes.

Continue to harvest leeks and Brussels sprouts.

Dig up remaining carrots and parsnips and store them in the fridge or shed, before winter frost makes the ground impossible to dig.

Clean pond filters and check all cables for pumps and lights if leaving them in the pond.

Plant summer-fruiting raspberry canes.

Pot up cyclamen seedlings sown in late summer, for next year, using John Innes No 1 compost.

Clean gardening equipment including dirty pots, which should be washed in a weak solution or garden disinfectant and stored away for the winter.

Clean out bird boxes, removing old nesting material, before birds start looking for winter roosts.

Protect slightly tender plants from frost, such as kniphofias (red hot pokers), by tying the foliage together firmly to protect the crown of the plant, and penstemons, which can be covered with bracken or straw secured with netting or a loose mulch such as bark chippings.

Cut down grasses and bamboos that are not ornamental in winter before they start looking too messy.

Protect cauliflower curds by snapping the leaves over them and tying them in place.