Gardening - Jobs for the week

Take hardwood cuttings of cornus, salix, forsythia, ribes, roses and gooseberries.

Check bulbs, corms and tubers in store and remove any showing signs of rot.

Plan new features, such as rock gardens and ponds.

Place forcing jars over clumps of rhubarb to encourage early stems for picking.

Remove dead or yellowing leaves from pelargoniums, fuchsias and argyranthemums which are overwintering in the greenhouse.

Firm down round newly planted stock to stop hard frosts lifting the soil.

Tie string round upright-growing yew and conifers to prevent snow pulling down branches.

Protect hardy trench celery with straw until ready to harvest.

Reduce top growth on standard roses to prevent damage from wind rock, but leave full pruning until early spring.

Fork over bare patches between plants in borders, to relieve soil compaction, adding compost to the soil as you go.

Spread straw over the crowns of slightly tender plants and round the base of tender climbers to protect them from the cold.