Gardening: Jobs for the week

Blood-red aquilegia. PA Photo/JupiterImages Corporation.
Blood-red aquilegia. PA Photo/JupiterImages Corporation.

Knock any remaining snow from trees and shrubs to stop them becoming misshapen and keep an area of the pond ice-free.

Firm in plants lifted by frost or windrock.

Sow quick-growing perennials such as campanulas and poppies to flower this year.

Order summer-flowering bulbs, corms and tubers, especially if you are planning to grow any that need starting off indoors, such as tuberous begonias.

Pot autumn-rooted fuchsia cuttings into small, individual pots.

Winter dig the vegetable garden if the ground isn’t too hard or waterlogged.

Test your soil to see if the pH needs adjusting or if the soil is deficient in any major nutrients.

Put cloches in place to warm the soil for early sowings of vegetables in March.

Weather permitting, take hardwood cuttings of hardy climbers to save time later in the spring.

Prune newly planted bushes of gooseberries and red and white currants by cutting back strong new shoots by half their length to form the main branches.

Sow lily seed under glass, not more than 1cm deep in pots or boxes.

Continue to remove rubbish and debris from the garden to reduce the number of hiding spots and breeding grounds for slugs and snails.